Monday, June 30, 2014

Transmission Repair Englewood

Key Transmission & Gears may be located out of Sheridan, Colorado but is now offering transmission repair to the surrounding metro areas, including Englewood, Colorado. The ASE certified auto mechanics that encompass the staff at Key Transmission & Gears are known for their specialty in transmission repair. This is a family owned and operated auto repair business that offers a wide array of services but are better known as a transmission repair business with a forte in transmission repair.
If you’re in need of transmission repair in Englewood, our ASE certified auto mechanics work on all vehicles, automatics and standards, of all makes and models. We strive to make our main purpose in the auto repair industry to offer rapid repair and diagnosis of vehicle drive train issues with domestic automobiles, foreign automobiles, transmissions and alignments. Key Transmission & Gears also offers guarantees (see list of warranty info on our website) on all the work we provide on non-commercial vehicles for up to a full year. If you experience any problems whatsoever after a repair has been made, schedule an appointment on our website or call us immediately at (303) 806-8200. If you’re residing in Englewood and are experiencing issues with your vehicle, rely on our staff at Key Transmission & Gears for quality, service and warranty. Transmission repair in Englewood is made readily available to you upon arriving at our auto repair business, contacting our staff via website or by phone call.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transmission Repair Denver

Key Transmission & Gears makes it abundantly clear that their specialty is transmission repair throughout Denver and the surrounding metro area. We service all of our clients by performing free electronic diagnostics and road tests. Our full service auto shop also has ASE certified auto mechanics on staff that can perform transmission repair in both two and four wheel drive vehicles; foreign and domestic of all makes and models.
If you’re in the surrounding Denver area and are experiencing transmission repair difficulties, it is best to take your vehicle to Key Transmission & Gears. We not only are experienced in transmission repair but offer a wide variety of vehicle services to our customers. Some of these include but are not limited to: electrical and computer diagnostics, transfer cases, differentials, axels, 4x4 locking hubs, wheel bearings, rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, preventative maintenance, all-wheel drive, timing belts, suspensions, alignments and clutches. If there is a service that you do not see here and are in need of, contact our ASE certified auto mechanics when visiting the Key Transmission and Gears website by leaving a message on the appointment page. Also, when visiting the website, take note of the new warranty information made available now to our customers.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Transmission Rebuild Service

Transmission rebuild service is just one of the many services that is offered at Key Transmission & Gears. We are a family owned and operated mechanical transmission repair business that specializes in transmission repair and rebuild by ASE certified auto mechanics. For the convenience of our clientele we offer free electronic diagnostics and road tests. This allows us to diagnose and repair the problem that your vehicle is experiencing in a short amount of time so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.
Key Transmission & Gears can determine which of the following is cause for a transmission rebuild service. These problems range from: worn or damaged parts within the transmission, external controls for the transmission which may require replacement or adjustment, components or electrical controls that may need replacement or adjustment and finally, insufficient fluid pressure or low levels of transmission fluid. If you feel your vehicle’s transmission slip between gear changes, you may have potential transmission problems. Hopefully when you bring your vehicle into Key Transmission & Gears, you can avoid a complete transmission rebuild service by early detection and with the help of our ASE certified auto mechanics. By visiting our website, you can read more about transmission rebuild service, leave a message for an ASE certified auto mechanic or reach us by phone at (303) 806-8200.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Englewood Transmission Service

In Englewood, Colorado, you can easily find a reliable auto shop that specializes in Englewood transmission service at Key Transmission and Gears. We offer our customers reliable service by ASE certified auto mechanics who are able to identify the transmission service that your vehicle requires all while offering the information necessary as to why your transmission may be malfunctioning and how to properly address the issue. If you’re unsure as to why your vehicle may be “acting up,” our ASE certified auto mechanics make transmission issues easy to self-identify with a simple definitions of what an automobile transmission is supposed to do.
Our ASE certified auto mechanics will explain that your vehicle is meant to hold each gear, effortlessly, at predetermined speeds. If you move your selector into “drive” and you notice that the engine seems to be racing ahead of the transmission, that is a very common symptom of a transmission problem. Our customers may be able to identify this problem but our ASE certified techs can diagnose and repair this problem when you bring your vehicle into Key Transmission and Gears. For affordable and reliable transmission service in Englewood, bring in your vehicle as soon as possible whether it is foreign or domestic; all makes and models. You can make an appointment online when visiting our web page or call us at (303) 806-8200.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Denver Transmission Service

When in need of any transmission service in Denver, you should take your vehicle to an auto shop that specializes in mechanical transmission repair and service by ASE certified auto mechanics. At Key Transmission and Gears we offer our customers just that. We are a family owned and operated business that offer many services such as transmission repair and service, differential repair, clutch service and vehicle alignments.
Our ASE certified auto mechanics can diagnose and repair your vehicle when it comes to any necessary transmission service. There are a wide range of problems that our team can identify that may be harming your transmission. Problems such as, low transmission fluid levels, insufficient fluid pressure, adjustment and replacement of electrical controls or components, adjustment or replacement of the transmission’s external controls and the identification of worn or damaged parts within the transmission that may require internal transmission repair. Regardless if your vehicle is foreign or domestic or is of a specific make and model, our ASE certified auto mechanics can repair your specific transmission issues. If you suspect transmission problems or malfunction of your vehicle, don’t wait any longer for Denver transmission service. Call us at Key Transmission and Gears or visit the website to schedule your appointment today.